Full Stack Developer

Automat is looking for talented and experienced software developers that are proud and passionate about their craft. You are resourceful, self-motivated and pride yourself on your creativity and ability to design elegant solutions to hard problems. You communicate well and love working as part of an amazing team.

Job description

Develop web UIs using HTML5 and a modern framework like ReactJs that interacts with scalable, reactive micro-services that are loosely coupled using mechanisms like HTTP/REST API or a message bus with meaningful unit tests. Work with our designers to iterate and improve the UI over time, listen to and integrate user feedback.


  • A university degree in Computer Science or relevant work experience.
  • Functional and Object oriented programming experience.
  • Deep understanding of asynchronous programming.

You are interested in

  • Source code management like GIT and github
  • Event Sourcing
  • ReactJs/Redux/webpack
  • Functional Programming with ImutableJs, Lodash, underscore, Rx, ...
  • Continuous Integration (Travis, Jenkins, GoCD)
  • dev/ops tools like docker

A plus

  • Scala/Java/Javascript/HTML/CSS/Bootstrap
  • Akka actors, Akka-HTTP and Akka-Streams
  • React Native
  • Elixir/Haskell/Swift
  • Knowledge/experience with AWS/Azure/Digital Ocean/Heroku/dokku
  • Interest in and experience with machine learning and AI powered chatbots (deep learning in particular)

About Automat

Automat's aim is to let companies use AI to talk to their customers over popular messaging apps to understand them and serve them better. Here’s some recent press about us:

Learn more at www.automat.ai, or message us at m.me/automatinc