AI Researcher

Automat is looking for talented and experienced AI Researchers that are proud and passionate about their craft. You love research and are up to date on all the latest advancements in natural language processing, deep learning, reinforcement learning, computer vision and related fields but you also care about seeing your research make it into products. You are resourceful, self-motivated and pride yourself on your creativity and ability to design elegant solutions to hard problems. You communicate well and love working as part of an amazing team.

Job Description

As an AI Researcher, you will be responsible for developing natural language understanding and dialog models across a variety of languages using a mix of deep learning, reinforcement learning and other techniques. You will do foundational research to improve the state of the art for messaging based chatbots and conversational marketing.

Our company culture encourages everyone to contribute new ideas to make our platform the best on the market. As an AI Researcher, you will identify new opportunities, build experimental prototypes, work closely with our design & engineering team to translate your research into product features and gather user feedback to improve our platform over time.


  • Ph.D., Masters or relevant work experience in Machine Learning, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, Question Answering, Machine Reading, Computer Vision or a related field
  • Strong understanding of deep neural networks and their applications to natural language processing
  • Academic or industrial background on language modeling, dialog state tracking, reinforcement learning, optimization and language internationalization are a definite plus.
  • A track record of published papers in major conferences
  • Ability to design models and contribute to the production system with high-quality code. You care about productizing your research!
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical thinking skills, ability to tackle hard problems and produce stepwise solutions
  • Hands on experience with Java or Python and related machine learning libraries such as Tensorflow r Theano.
  • The seniority of the position will be decided upon the candidate's profile

Bonus points for experience with

  • NLP libraries like CoreNLP, ClearNLP or NLTK
  • Plotting libraries such as D3.js or Plotly
  • Scala and Javascript
  • Akka actors, Akka-HTTP and Akka-Streams

About Automat

Automat's aim is to let companies use AI to talk to their customers over popular messaging apps to understand them and serve them better. Here’s some recent press about us:

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